Ensemble martinu
Jan Dismas Zelenka 1679-1745 Triosonate No.5
Jan Václav Stamitz 1717-1757 Orchestral trio No. 2 op.1 –II A Major (arrangement for quartet by Hugo Riemann)
Joseph Haydn 1732-1809 Concerto F Major No. 6 Hob.XVII/6-8 
Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827 Quartet op. 16
  Symphony (arrangement by Johann Nepomuk Hummel, No. 4 Si Flat Major, No.5 C Minor „Destiny“,No.6 F Major „Pastoral“) 
  Trio G Major WoO 37 for flute, cello and piano
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-1791 Divertimento No. 11 D Major for flute, violin, and piano
  Trio F Major KV 13 for flute, cello and piano
  Turkish march from sonata A Major KV 331 for flute, violin and piano
Aria di Fiordilighi: „Come scoglio“ Cosi fan tutte (arranged by Marko Ivanovič for Soprano and Quartet, 2004)
Aria di Cherubino : „Non so piú cosa son, cosa faccio“ Le nozze do Figaro (arranged by Martin Hybler for
Mezzosoprano and Quartet, 2006)
Carl Maria von Weber 1786-1826 Trio G Minor op. 46 for flute, cello and piano
Friedrich Kuhlau 1786-1832 Trio op. 119 for flute, cello (violin) and piano
Gaetano Donizetti 1797-1848 Trio F Major for flute, cello and piano (arrangement by Berhhard Päuler, 1972)
Felix Mendelsohn-Bartholdy 1809-1847 Droowing Romm Quartet ( on theme of Wedding March arranged by Wilhelm Popp)
Frederic Chopin 1810-1849 Nocturne E Major (arrangement by Wilhelm Popp)
Franz Doppler 1821-1883 Duetino on American motives op. 37 for flute, violin and piano
  Nocturne op. 19 
Antonín Dvořák 1841-1904 Slavonic Dances 1st Series Op. 46 for piano quartet – period arrangement by Fritz Redl, Martin Hybler 2003
  Bagatelles op. 47
Zdeněk Fibich 1850-1900 Quintet G Major op. 42 for violin, clarinet (flute), viola, cello and piano 
Camille Saint-Saëns 1855-1921 Caprice on Danish and Russian motives op. 79
Josef Suk 1874-1935 With the nosegay for flute, violin and piano (1945)
Maurice Ravel 1875-1937 Ma Mère L´oye - 5 pièces enfantines for flute, cello and piano (1914, arrangement by Henry Mouton)
Florent Schmitt 1877-1958 Quartet Pour Presque tous les temps op. 134
Bohuslav Martinů 1890-1959 Sonata H. 254 for flute, violin, and piano
  Promenades H. 274 for flute, violin and piano
  Madrigal sonata H. 291for flute, violin and piano
  Trio H. 300 for flute, cello and piano
  Quartet H. 315 for oboe (flute), violin, cello and piano
Frank Martin 1890-1974 “Pièce brève” for flute, oboe (violin) and piano (1975)
Jacques Ibert 1890-1962 Two intrerludes for flute, violin and piano (1949)
Darius Milhaud 1892-1973 Sonata op. 47 for flute, oboe (violin),clarinet (cello) and piano
Arthur Honegger 1892-1955 Rhapsody for flute, violin, cello (viola or clarinet in A) and piano (1917)
Pavel Haas 1899-1944 His Chosen op. 8. A cycle of songs on poems by Jiří Wolker for tenor, flute, violin, horn (cello) and piano
Astor Piazzolla 1921-1992 „I Piu´Celebri Tanghi”. Tangas (arrangement for quartet by Michal Rataj, 2001)
Jan F. Fischer 1921-2005 I had a dream my beloved, Preludium-Nénie (2001, dedicated to Ensemble Martinů)
Otmar Mácha 1922-2006 Meetings (2004, dedicated to Ensemble Martinů) 
Ilja Hurník 1922 Sonata da camera (1957)/
  Dances for little angels for flute, violin a piano (1997)
Alexej Fried 1922 Paraphrase and Variations on West side story of Leonard Bernstein (2001)
  Hommage to Duke Elington (2001)
  Quintet „From life the insect”, according to the novel by Karel Čapek for flute, violin, viola, cello and piano
Jiří Matys 1927 Leaving ... (/2002, dedicated to Ensemble Martinů)
  Poetic pieces for flute, violin and piano /1976/
Zdeněk Lukáš 1928-2007 Quartetto con flauto op. 253 /1992/
  Three Rondas for flute, cello and piano op. 104/1974 /
George Crumb 1929 11 Echoes of Autumn for alt. flute, violin, clarinet and piano /1990/ 
Jaromir Dadák 1930 Musica Giocosa  /2001/
Jiří Teml 1933-1935 Partita /2001, dedicated to Ensemble Martinů/
  Shakespearean Motifs for flute, violin, cello, harpsichord (piano) and percussion /1990/
  Sapientia on Latin’s words for Mezzzosoprano and quartet /2004/
Evžen Zámečník 1939 Quartetto /dedicated to Ensemble Martinů/
  The Hukvald´s Seranade / dedicated to Ensemble Martinů, 2004/
Gino Michelazzi 1943 Divertimento /dedicated to Ensemble Martinů, 2002/
Jiří Kollert 1943 Moravian’s inspirations for flute, cello and piano /1989/
Václav Riedlbauch 1947 The Fable /1974/
  Stone dance – piano trio No. 2 for flute, cello and piano /1993/
Josef Marek 1948 „The Last Night“ – Concert´s melodram according the theme „Swans Song“ by A.P.Čechov for reciter, mezzosoprano, flute, violin, cello and piano /2003/
  „Woman II“ - Concert´s melodram on the text of poem Lech Nierost for reciter, flute, cello and piano /2003/
  Astrologia II /dedicated to Ensemble Martinů, 2003/ 
Ivan Kurz 1947 Temptetion for flute, violin, cello, piano and drums (1988, 2002)
  The Song From Bretagne (2003)
  „Petr Zvoník“ – Melodram on the same poem by J.V. Sládek for reciter, flute, violin, cello and piano /2008/
Emil Viklický 1948 Rondeau, S´il vous plaît for flute, cello and piano (1995)
Otomar Kvěch 1950 Shakespearean Echoes /1974, 1998 / 
Miroslav Kubička 1951 Quartet in C /2000-2001, dedicated to Ensemble Martinů/
Edward Hagerup-Bull 1953 Ad usum amicorum op. 20
Sylvie Bodorová 1954 Hélios /1994, 1998, dedicated to Ensemble Martinů/
Pavel Trojan 1956 Astoriana
Libor Ščerba 1959 Sonate per quartetto con flauto /1994/
Michelangelo Castellarin 1964 Venuta! Quartet /2001/
Lukáš Hurník 1967 Fusion Music /1991/
  Trio Sonata in Honour of Jan Dismas Zelenka (1991)
  Under scythe of the time – Three melodrams on Sonets by Shakespeare for reciter and romm quartet /2002/
  Ninna Nana – Sonata (2001)
Jiří Pazour 1971 Horizons. Lyrical Poem (I998) 
  Tarantela /1990/
Michal Rataj 1975 Paralel (don’t) harmony for flute, violin, cello, piano and drums /2002/
Martin Hybler 1977 Night delirious /2003/ 
The girls with blue eyes – Czech folk song /2005/
  Imaginary Dances /dedicated to Ensemble Martinů, 2004/
Petr Wajsar 1978 Peripheral dance /2003/